Atiq Zabinski, LMT

PA license #MSG011733


From Hawaii to Egypt
to Philly

Originally trained and licensed in Hawaii, and having practiced in locations as diverse as California and Dahab, Egypt, I have now set up shop in the City of Brotherly Love!

I can come to you, or I can see you at the Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop at 713 North 4th St. 19123. Watch this site for more locations to come!


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My Mission

For me, bodywork is a path of service to, and devoted study of the awesome healing power and wisdom within our bodies.

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This wisdom guides a myriad of processes that our life depends on, and which our conscious minds could never manage, even if our life needs did not include sleep and repose.  It is naturally inclined to health and peace, and it knows the way there.

My role as a therapist is to listen to the guidance from within my client's bodies, find what is in the way of health and peace, and bring it back into alignment.  I call it "listening" rather than "feeling" because the latter word lacks the connotation of attentiveness.

The listening process begins with talking with the client about what is bothering them, and visually noting what is irregular with their posture and physical movements.

The actual massage is what I call "listening with the hands."  It's like tuning a guitar by strumming the strings, listening for what is out of tune, and adjusting each string in turn until the entire instrument is in harmony.

While I am guided by all my studies and past experience, I regard every body I touch as a teacher, and with every session am ready to learn anew.

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My Training and Strengths

My formal training includes the excellent 1-year, 600-hour program at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, and workshops including further training in lomi-lomi — traditional Hawaiian massage and its contemporary versions.

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Although I am happy to give an excellent relaxing massage, my training and instincts are as a therapist, and I most appreciate the opportunity to help clients overcome pain, inflexibility and more serious issues.  I focus on the physical body: muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments, rather than the energetic elements of the body, though at serendipitous times I can sense and work with the energy field.

I have helped clients recover from bursitis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, Bell's palsy, piriformis impingement syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and postural dysfunctions, and have helped others cope with ongoing conditions such as fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Modalities and Techniques

The extensive one-on-one training I have received has blessed me with a diverse toolkit of techniques from more schools of bodywork than I can name. Highlighted here are a few of the schools and techniques I most draw on in my work.  I don't pigeonhole any of my treatments into a single modality or charge different rates for different types of bodywork; I use whatever technique my client's needs and desires call for.


Like the sacred hula dance, this ancient healing modality echoes the rhythm of ocean waves.  The therapist's forearms swim like dolphins over the body, gently restoring fluidity and bringing great calm.

Swedish Massage

When people speak of "relaxing massage", Swedish massage is usually what they mean.  Long flowing strokes soothe the nervous system, restore the body's sense of wholeness and promote health by aiding the circulation and lymphatic systems.  Then the muscles are kneaded like dough, their tension gently squeezed away.

Deep Tissue

Ideal for muscles aching from overuse, trauma, and postural imbalances, deep tissue massage uses slow, powerful strokes and compressions to gently penetrate layers of muscle and fascia and provide needed relief.  This does not have to hurt!  Some therapists have given this modality a bad name by working too fast, fighting the body instead of going at its pace.

Assisted Stretching

Let me help you quickly gain better flexibility and work through your sticking points with assisted and resisted stretching.  Discover how much further you can go with a little help from your therapist!



My rates are based on session length plus a travel fee, which is based on how far I must travel from Roxborough and whether I will have to pay for parking. Contact me and we'll figure it out! Sessions at the Random Tea Room entail a travel fee of $10. I give discounts to fellow therapists, clients who refer me other clients, and occassional people in need.


If you would just like a full-body relaxing massage, or a treatment focussed on a specific injury, an hour will probably be all you need.

$95 +

travel fee


If it's been a long time since your last massage or you have aches or other issues you would like help with, make sure you get at least 15 minutes more than an hour's work!

$110 +

travel fee


If you are very active, have chronic pain, or just want the experience of a thorough full-body massage, go for an hour-and-a-half session!

$125 +

travel fee


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Call or SMS me at 1-516-564-3257, e-mail me at, or message me via my Facebook Page. Let me know your availability and we'll arrange a time!



Thanks to everyone for your testimonials! There are more on my Facebook Page; here are a few of my favorites and some that I received before starting Blue Dolphin Bodywork.

“I was recently injured and was being treated by a handful of different doctors for diagnosis that ranged from pulled muscles, to pinched nerves to MS. I had also sought out the help of an acupuncturist and then a massage therapist. Atiq began treating me for the most problematic of my symptoms, pain, numbness and tingling in my right arm and left leg. Though the doctors are still baffled as to the nature of my problems, through the amazing work by Atiq I am back to 97% function in my arm with no pain, and only rare tingling and numbness and about 80% in my leg. Since the doctors have yet to agree on an actual diagnosis there is nothing else to attribute the recovery to other than the sessions with Atiq.”— Nate Vernier

“I was fortunate enough to have found Atiq just before [they] moved out of NYC. [They are] SO good, that I have actually worked with [their] schedule to see [them] when [they] occasionally come back up to NYC for weekend visits. I have been getting massages on a fairly regular basis since college due to lower back issues, and very tight-knotted shoulder and neck muscles. Atiq is by far one of the very best masseurs I have ever found. After meeting [them] I took [their] business card and checked out [their] website and was surprised at just how many different kinds of massage techniques [they were] certified in, which is what ultimately convinced me to give [them] a try. I have had plenty of standard, run-of-the-mill massages, but [their] Hawaiian technique is unlike anything I've ever experienced. [They bring] such a strong, calming, healing energy to each session. I HIGHLY recommend Atiq.” — Mark James van Dijk

“I've known Atiq for 14 years and can truly say that [they are] about as real as they come. [Their] work speaks for itself, and is just a part of who [they are]... [they are] so present and thorough, a good listener. [They] can work deeply but in a way that relieves the tension that holds you back from really being limber in your body, without hurting you. Thanks Atiq, for having the hands and heart for healing that you do. Everyone that gets to be on your table is blessed to be sure.” — Kristy Marie, LMT

Atiq is the highest quality massage therapist. [They are] professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable and patient. I have received massage from [them] when injured that was nothing short of miraculous, and witnessed [them] massaging a very injured friend for hours, tirelessly and methodically. I can not recommend [their] masterful services highly enough!” — John Ian Marshall

“Atiq is an excellent masseur. I received two massages from [them] to help relieve upper back pain. Both times, [they were] thorough, considerate, and extremely strong. I've received many professional massages, and have training in massage therapy. If Atiq lived closer to me, I would go to [them].” — Albert Carter

“I interview a lot of therapists. I was truly impressed by Atiq's work. [They are] intuitive and highly skilled. [They give] a great therapeutic session. I'm amazed at how gifted [they are] with [their] hands. Two thumbs up!” — James Dickson, proprietor, Body Touch Therapy

“Atiq's deep massage techniques works wonders! I had been suffering from ankle pain and plantar fasciitis, and merely two days after [their] massage, I was free of pain! It's now been almost one month, and I'm definitely better than before.” — Ranjani Vedanthan

“Atiq's massage was deeply relaxing as well as energizing -- [they] had just the right touch to release those stubborn spots. I was amazed at the new freedom of movement I felt after [their] session.” — Janaki Jennifer Eyre

“Have to say really the best massage in my life. Felt like a dance, every move was in rhythm, perfectly placed with the force that the particular part needed. And nice music!” — Sara Aerssens

“Atiq got right to the root of my chronic low back pain. [They] gave me great relief and taught me stretches that have kept the pain away since. I am so grateful.” — Reuben Steinglass


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Call or SMS me at 1-516-564-3257, e-mail me at, or message me via my Facebook Page. Let me know your availability and we'll arrange a time!